11 Tips for maintaining your Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is an appliance that has become a great ally for cleaning the home, office, and other environments. This instrument has come to displace the broom, brush, and other cleaning devices due to its effectiveness, since the vacuum cleaner can absorb all the debris, dust, impurities, and even the hairs of existing pets in the area, it is also useful in cleaning roofs, corners, and hard-to-reach areas.

One of the benefits of this versatile instrument is that from an ergonomic, point of view for the use you do not need to perform uncomfortable or annoying body movements, because it has hoses and accessory that allow to lengthen the ducts and reach height to clean. When it comes to health care, avoid dust and mites that affect people who are sensitive to it. Another benefit is time-saving as it takes less time to clean with the vacuum cleaner compared to the broom or brush.

Like any instrument for permanent use, it requires certain care to ensure its lifespan, efficiency, and efficiency. So, we suggest the following 11 tips for maintaining your vacuum cleaner

  1. Thoroughly review the manufacturer’s operating manual, and your recommendations before putting the appliance into use.
  1. Be attentive to the noises of the equipment. If you hear a noise that does not seem normal disconnect and check, and whether it persists to request technical service.
  1. Place and replace the dust bag. The equipment will work better if the bag is not full, if you use the vacuum cleaner with the bag full of dust it can cause the machine to fail due to engine overheating. this must have a continuous cleaning; the dust bags should be changed regularly or when they are full.
  1. Lavar los filtros de protección del motor y de emisión de aire, estos son un elemento fundamental para el buen funcionamiento de la aspiradora, los filtros deben lavarse regularmente al menos una vez al mes si lavamos regularmente nuestros filtros prolongamos la vida de nuestra aspiradora. También debemos recordar que los filtros deben cambiarse al menos cada 6 meses o según las indicaciones del fabricante.
  1. Evite golpear su aspiradora. Evite golpearlo con paredes, muebles o cualquier objeto pesado durante su uso. Esto evita daños a los equipos y nuestros muebles.
  1. Clear the area you are going to suck in. It is necessary to collect very heavy objects that could get stuck in the vacuum rubber and those of sharp or sharp types. Large objects can damage or jam our vacuum cleaner.
  1. Avoid vacuuming over wet areas. If your vacuum cleaner does not have a water filter. you shouldn’t use it on wet surfaces
  1. Clean the brush. With the permanent use of the equipment accumulates a lot of dust, hairs, and other dirt that is dragging through the different areas of the house or office. Also, it may cause obstructions that force the engine and damage the vacuum cleaner.
  1. Keep the wheels clean. Dirt on the wheels affects the slipping of the equipment and can cause scratches on the floor.
  1. Watch the cable. Usually, the cable of the equipment is long and if you are not careful, it could be rolled up with any furniture or object and caused accidents.
  1. Disconnect the equipment. At the end of the task with the vacuum cleaner, take into account that you have to turn off first and then unplug, without pulling the cable but taking the plug.

In conclusion, if you want to extend the life of your vacuum cleaner, save energy and ensure the health of your family or business, it is necessary to follow the recommendations given by the manufacturer and complement with the 11 tips for maintaining your vacuum cleaner described in this article.

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Bestalia Perez
Bestalia Perez

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