Why clean my house

Why clean my house

Clean up, why?

Care! enemies are at home

Are the enemies in my house?

Yes, your house may be invaded by the enemies of your health and that of your family called fungi, parasites, bacteria, and other infectious agents scattered throughout all the environments of your home.

For this reason, it is vitally important to keep the house clean and tidy, because in this way barriers are created against them and diseases that are arriving
Cleaning and maintenance of the home is the responsibility of every family member, so it is recommended to involve children in these activities from an early age, assigning small tasks and increasing the complexity of them as they grow. This work must be done with the participation of the whole family group, enthusiastically with positive reinforcements for the young and thus are forming habits of hygiene and cleanliness in children.

What are the areas where germs accumulate in the home?

In all the rooms of the house are-sent these undesirable agents: on the surfaces of all the furniture, rooms, kitchen, bathrooms, doors, windows, etc. So it is necessary to do general cleaning at least once a month, then do partial cleaning once a week, and areas such as bath and kitchen daily since these areas are the most frequented by all family members, more microorganisms accumulate.

What are the most common diseases related to the lack of hygiene at home?

Why clean my house? The most common diseases caused by the aforementioned microorganisms are: 

Related to dust buildup

A high percentage of the dust in the home is generated inside the house itself, the components depend on the construction and age of your house, the weather, the cleaning habits, whether there are smokers or not, the family and pets also generate some of this waste, the decomposed insects,  leftover food  (especially in the kitchen) carpet fibers,  all kinds of clothes.

Consequently, without proper cleaning of the house you are exposed to contracting any of the following diseases: 

•        Allergies

•        Skin infections (skin)

•        Respiratory conditions

•        Scanabiosis (scabies) by the mites accumulated in the bedding, when it is not changed at least once a week. Also because mattresses and pillows are not frequently vacuumed. 

Recommendations to minimize damage caused by dust accumulation in homes are as follows:

•        Ventilate the house daily, opening the windows and allowing the sun’s rays to penetrate

•        Controlling the humidity of the house

•        Frequently vacuum carpets, curtains, mattresses, and pillows

•        Deep cleaning of the house once a month and daily cleaning of areas that require it, such as the kitchen and dining room because food crumbs fall.

•        Avoid smoking inside the house

•        Maintaining proper pet hygiene

•        Clean with damp cloths surfaces where dust builds up

Related to the buildup of bacteria in the bathrooms

One of the areas that accumulate more infectious agents are baths, they are sites very frequented by people, here we deposit our organic waste, the dead cells that our body releases when we bathe, the microorganisms of the mouth when brushing the dites, washing hands, face, etc.

Lack of hygiene in toilets and sinks can be the leading cause of infections or infectious diseases in the family As:

•        Fungus in the feet or other parts of the body

• Infecciones del tracto urinario

•        Sexually transmitted infections

•        Allergies

• Problemas de la piel

Related to the buildup of dust and bacteria in the kitchen

         why clean my house, the kitchen is the area of the house preferred by family members, usually while preparing food to gather to converse, drink coffee, or hang out, so it’s very frequent. It is here that food is prepared, being the intake of these the main gateway to the organism of many infectious agents, especially in children who are the most vulnerable to these germs.

         Consequently, if the kitchen does not have adequate cleanliness, the family group is exposed to illness such as:

1.      Bacteria poisoning: Caused by salmonella bacteria, which affects the gastrointestinal tract.

           Gastroenteritis;  It is a mild intestinal infection, but in very young children, the elderly and immunocompromised people may become more severe.

           Infection by the bacterium E. Coli: causes nausea or vomiting, It is spread by cross-contamination of raw meat in other foods utilizing cutting boards, unwashed hands, and uninsured countertops.               


•        Fungal poisoning

Aspergillosis: It is caused by a fungus found in mold and garbage. It produces asthma or shortness of breath, coughing, chest pain and fatigue are some of the most obvious symptoms. It can lead to pneumonia, so it’s important to try to avoid its onset with a good house cleaning 

Virus poisoning

Rotavirus is one of the most common viruses that can roam your kitchen. It causes gastroenteritis, causing diarrhea, stomach pain, fever, and vomiting and mainly affects young children. This virus can survive several hours on the hands and several days on solid surfaces.

         You can appreciate the imminent amount to what is exposed if you do not have a rigorous cleaning and disinfection of the kitchen, this includes:

•        Wash your hands frequently with soap and water

•        Keep furniture and countertops clean and disinfected (wash with soap and water and apply disinfectant solution).

•        Wash with hot water and dry kitchen utensils (dishes, cutlery chopping boards, glasses)

•        Wash or change kitchen cloths daily

•        Wash and keep scrubbing sponges dry

•        Perform deep cleaning of the refrigerator at least once a month and clean immediately every time any food is spilled.

•        Preferably use trash cans with the pedal, to avoid touching the lid with your hands, empty it daily, keep them clean and covered.

•        Keep sinks and sinks clean

Coupled with the presence of fungi, parasites, bacteria, and other germs, there is a terrible enemy at home that is THE DESORDEN and this can cause domestic accidents, especially children and the elderly. So, it is necessary to avoid leaving watered objects such as children’s toys and other objects. It is also recommended to properly distribute furniture to avoid hindering the passage of people with some kind of limitations and the smallest

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