Hey, your room can make you sick.

, your room can make you sick

After a long day of work or study, we long to get to our house, especially the bedroom and lie in bed to rest. But this could be making you sick! Is your room clean and healthy??

Taking into consideration that this is our intimate space, where we promote couple relationships and the place where we find ourselves through the moments of tranquility and silence that it provides us on some occasions, it is necessary to comply with some indications to reduce the risks of contracting diseases caused by some undesirable agents that proliferate in all the textile fibers in your room and on our beloved furry (dogs and cats)

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Your room, even if it is a cozy place that invites relaxation, could be getting sick if the cleaning measures do not apply in it. This site may be contaminated with mites and other parasites such as fleas, bed bugs, or ticks that affect health, causing skin and airway conditions. The main disease-causing agents in your room are Mites. Chinches, Fleas, and Ticks


are microscopic insects belonging to the family of spiders and scorpions, which live in the dust and are usually found in bedding, mattresses, pillows, curtains, and carpets. These bugs infect the epidermis (surface layer of the skin) causing a dermal disease called scabious (scabies).

Scabies cause rashes, irritation, and a lot of itchy skin. It is highly contagious from person to person through direct and prolonged contact with infected skin, for example during sex and with freshly contaminated underwear or bedding. 

Treatment for Scabies:

It is necessary to consult the doctor for the indication of specific treatment according to the age and conditions of the patient. It consists of topical creams or ointments, pills, or syrups to relieve itching or itching. Local medicine is usually indicated to apply at night and when getting up take a shower and treat all clothing according to the instructions described below. To destroy mites and their eggs causing scabious, it is necessary to wash their underwear, clothing, and bedding used by the patient for forty-eight hours before treatment, using the hot cycle of both the washing machine and the tumble dryer; Delicate clothing that cannot be subjected to a high temperature of the washing machine and dryer should be ironed at the highest possible temperature.

Another of the conditions that cause mites ácaros in people are respiratory allergies, These being a mandatory reason for consultation that requires medical treatment to relieve discomfort. Medical prescriptions cover a range of pharmaceutical products including vaccines to minimize sensitivity to allergens. Respiratory allergies are caused by the accumulation of dust inside homes and this is the main factor in the source of allergens, caused by a mixture of organic and organic matter, such as human skin scales, fibers, fungal spores, bacteria, viruses, pollens, insects, animal dermal derivatives, food scraps, indoor plants, and mites. Not everyone suffers from these conditions, which depends on their genetics and the high exposure they maintain in an environment contaminated with mites.

The most common symptoms of respiratory allergies are sneezing, runny nose, red eyes, watery or itchy eyes, nasal congestion, nose, palate, and throat, posterior nasal dripping, coughing, and facial pain and pressure.
Measures to be taken to prevent respiratory allergies include:
• Periodically ventilate the room, allowing it to air and if possible facilitate the entry of the sun’s rays
• Remove carpets and all objects that accumulate dust such as stuffed animals and other plush objects from the bedroom.
• Or label anti-slip covers on mattresses and pillows. These should be jerk and y exposed to the sun frequently at least every three weeks.
• Change and bring bed linen with hot water once a week
• A thorough cleaning of the room every two weeks and keeping the neat room, avoiding eating in that ambient and accumulating waste since food crumbs contribute not only to the proliferation of mites but to the presence of other insects. perform a deep cleaning of the room every two weeks and maintain
• Repairing the moisture problem detected, the regular use of dehumidifier continues to reduce the mite population significantly
• Frequently spray baking soda on the mattress.

Bed bugs 

It is a type of parasite that takes advantage of those areas where there is little hygiene,  usually appears in bed, old furniture, junk, carpets, and other objects. Here you find the perfect victim. This agent does not live in the body of humans, nor do they fly but they can climb towards people as an ant would and produce very annoying stings, reason enough not to want them in our home. These annoying insects can be fought with good cleanliness and order in the room. To perform the cleaning it is important to take into account that bed bugs like other insects are quite sensitive to high temperatures. Vacuuming the entire room including mattresses, carpets and curtains helps to disappear them. Insecticides are also very useful.

The discomfort caused by stings to people is alleviated with daily bathing and change of clothes, applying over-the-counter creams such as Benadryl and antihistamines orally that helps decrease itching.  

Fleas and Tick

It should be noted that most families have pets and establish with these beloved animals a close relationship, allowing them to share the room and bed. Pets may have been infected with fleas and ticks and these parasites may have been affected by family members. These bugs are found in the gravel, sands, or gardens of the houses. They have the ability to high movements being able to jump up to more than a meter, with pets being their main guests through stings to suck their blood. In people, these stings leave a sheet of considerable size and itching.

Hygiene and cleaning measures for the control of bed bugs, fleas, and ticks are as described below:

At home, it is imperative to have a home free of these parasites, performing frequent cleaning in all areas of the house, both inside and outside; vacuuming all corners so that no insect can escape, remember that they can fly and adhere to curtains and furniture. If you notice the presence of fleas and ticks in the garden or outside the house you should keep the area free of dried leaves, gardening residues such as dry logs, prevent children from playing in this area as long as there is infection. There is a range of products on the market to address this problem, which must be applied with extreme care because some are toxic to plants and pets.

Wash and disinfect all the items in the house with hot water if possible and quality proven products with citrus composition to remove fleas and ticks.

Wash and dry clothes at high temperatures to remove insects and their larvae. 

The pets (dogs and cats) Bath them with a special shampoo for the removal of fleas and ticks (strictly following the manufacturer’s instructions) Remove the ticks with a tweezer and gloves, trying to make it come out whole and there are no traces left in the animal’s skin, otherwise, consult the veterinarian. Once the house has been suckeda in, it is necessary to dispose of the vacuum bag, close it and bring it to the container. There are references to the use of homemade repellents prepared with orange and lemon sliced boil it and once cool place in a spray container and apply it to pets, avoiding contact with the eyes. Wash with hot water and disinfect pet accessories and toys.
You can also find on the market some devices of proven effectiveness that take fleas and ticks away from your pets, these emit ultrasounds that make these insects uncomfortable and consequently move away or stun them.

In people, flea bites are very annoying, as they cause a rash, itching, swelling, and even blisters in affected areas. It is necessary to wash the area of the stings with warm water and soap, place an antiseptic solution as an antibacterial gel. It is also advisable to use a paste prepared with water and baking soda to spread it in the bites. If itching or itching is very intense, it is recommended to use free-use medicine to relieve it and spread calamine lotion to the skin.
In conclusion, it can be determined that cleanliness, order, and hygiene in the home are the keys to ensuring the health of both family and pets and making our home the pleasant and welcoming place that we all deserve.

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“A clean house is a healthy house”

Bestalia Perez
Bestalia Perez

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