7 cleaning tips for your hardwood floors

wood floor cleaning

How to clean a wooden floor?

Do you have wooden floors at home? It looks ugly and worn! Today I am going to offer you 7 cleaning tips that will keep your hardwood floors always new.

How do you make your’s hardwood floors look in the catalog? The first thing to keep in mind that there are many types of floors and wood finishes, so we must take into account the finish of the floors, whether they are glossy or opaque floors, with hardwood additional care must be taken to the rest.

wood floor cleaning
wood floor cleaning

Here are 7 tips that work well for most floors.

  • Our hardwood floors should be swept and mop frequently, at least twice a week. Dust and dirt particles can adhere to the pores of the wood causing the floor to look dull and dirty. If the floor surface is very large a good tip is to use a hard floor vacuum cleaner with a soft bristle head, so as not to scratch our floors.
wood floor cleaning
  • Clean spills and food scraps immediately, liquid spills, and food scraps should be cleaned immediately as if you do not they can cause a stain our floors that are then impossible to remove. Spills should be cleaned with a clean microfiber cloth without traces of any product, some cleaning products are extremely abrasive to our hardwood floors and may occasionally cause some chemical reaction with some liquids that may ruin our floors. 
  • Uses of the micro-fiber mop. Most people don’t pay attention to the type of mop we use when we mop our hardwood floors, we usually use old rags or Mopar that aren’t suitable for our floors, micro-fiber mops help minimize the natural wear of our floors when mopping.  Remember that the mop should be only wet without excess water or product.
  • Uses of the right cleaning product for our particular flooring, on the market there is a myriad of products for cleaning our floors, some are even eco friendly, however, each floor depending on the type of wood it’s color and its finish will require a specific product, It is a good idea to know the cleaning recommendations indicated by the floor manufacturer and according to this buy the products that best suits our needs do not get carried away by price or fashion, remember that most wood floors are expensive and try to save a couple of dollars could cause you a great headache in the future, additionally you have to pay attention since some floors require that you use oil-based cleaners to keep them properly hydrated. We can also use a wet mop with warm water the results may surprise you.
  • Do not use vinegar for cleaning our wooden floors, daily on the internet I see persons who are not professionals of cleaning, recommending to clean our wood floors with vinegar. We as people who work daily offering cleaning solutions, we flatly rule out the uses of vinegar in wooden floors, the acids of vinegar deteriorate the protective layer of our wooden floors causing their wear, additionally, our floors are losing if natural shine.   For this reason do not use vinegar when cleaning our wooden floors nor use other chlorine or ammonia-based products that can also damage our wood, read this article on using vinegar in the cleaning routine.
  • Using waxes and polish, if you like a glossy finish on your wood you can use products with polish, for use should follow these basic rules.
  1. Before using polish the floor should be completely clean, sweep and mop the floor before using polish
  2. Use a clean, wet micro-fiber meddle just for polish
  3. Do not overuse, avoiding spreading it directly on the floor, it is recommended to place it the product in the wet mop.
  4. The stroke of the meddling should be uniform and in one direction, following the direction of the wood.
  5. Once the polish is placed, it should not be traveled through the floor until it is completely dry.
house cleaning services
house cleaning services
  • Moisture in an enemy for our hardwood floors, should keep spaces dry and clean, especially in areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, or laundry. If your floor is moistened it is recommended to dry them with a microfiber cloth.

Additional to this 7 cleaning tips for your hardwood floors, we should avoid grating our wooden floor, avoid wearing heels, it is also a very good idea to place pads on the paw of our furniture especially on the chairs in this way we will avoid grating our floors when moving any furniture. Another idea is to place carpet mats in places with the highest traffic people especially at the entrances of the house.

If you have any questions for tips for your hardwood floors or simply want to give us your feedback, feel free to contact us at Elaine’s Cleaning Solutions.

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