The good, the bad and the ugly of cleaning with chlorine

clean with bleach

At the moment that we are all concerned about the cleanliness of our houses and how to prevent the COVID 19, chlorine is a product that by its bactericidal properties is ideal for disinfecting our spaces, however, it has a side not so good that is important to know.

The first thing to keep in mind is that the chlorine we use for cleaning is normally at a concentration between 5 and 6 percent. No presentation other than those recommended for cleaning should be used, we must also take all safety measures for its use. Including the use of mouth caps, gloves, and glasses.

With this in mind let’s talk about its properties in the cleaning:

The good thing about chlorine in cleaning.

  • Disinfectant property.

Chlorine has high disinfectant properties that normally eliminate 99% of bacteria and viruses including the entire family of Coronaviruses, additionally eliminating other pathogens that are potentially harmful such as E.coli, Norovirus, Shigella, Salmonella, Cold Virus as among others. This is why chlorine is ideal for cleaning walls and bathroom parts, kitchen countertops, and any surface.

  • Eliminate mold

Normally we care about having our homes clean, but we do not pay attention to the presence of mold in areas such as bathrooms and kitchen, mold can cause serious health problems such as skin irritation, nasal congestion, throat irritation, and eyes. Chlorine is a good product for cleaning mold from our bathrooms and kitchens.

  • Whiten the whitening.

Our white clothes may look like new when we wash it when we add a small amount of chlorine-based bleach to our usual soap. Care should be taken caution with the amount as excess can damage our clothes, equally should not be worn with colored clothing.

  • Disinfect our dishwashing.

usually we do not pay attention to the maintenance of our dishwashing but it is very effective and fast once a week to spray some chlorine-based disinfectant inside the equipment and start a cycle with the equipment empty, you will notice the difference. Do not mix with any dishwasher soap.

  • External area disinfection

Our patio furniture as well as walks can be washed and disinfected with the cleaning of pressure water and chlorine. After spraying the areas with chlorine and leave to act for about 15 min. We wash the area under pressure and you will see the results.

The bad of chlorine use in cleaning.

There are times when it is not advisable to use chlorine in any of its presentations.

  • Wooden floors and furniture.

Although some sites talk about the benefits of cleaning and disinfecting wood floors with chlorine products, we do not recommend for any reason using chlorine on floors and wooden furniture, chlorine can damage irreparably form the protective layer of wood, as well as eliminate its natural shine. There are a large number of products specialized in wood care on the market that can offer better results and damage your floors or furniture.

  • Electronic equipment displays

Another common mistake we make is to clean electronic equipment screens with cloths or wipe containing chlorine, chlorine at any concentration could damage our screens, especially if they are tactile. It is advisable to clean the display of any electronic equipment according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

  • Carpeting.

Using chlorine or wipe containing chlorine to remove any stain from a carpet can discolor the carpet material by damaging it.

It is also important to be careful when cleaning plastic furniture or dark plastic furniture as chlorine may discolor the material.

The ugliness of chlorine

As we noted in the introduction, chlorine presentations for cleaning are normally found in concentrations between 5 or 6 percent, because chlorine is a highly poisonous product, in the United States almost 15% of poisonings in our homes are poisonings from the misuse of chlorine. This is why we must take some precautions when using chlorine.

  • Under no circumstances should we mix chlorine with any other cleaning product since chemical reactions are generated which can be extremely dangerous to health. Another important consideration is not to mix chlorine with hot water as it generates life-threatening hydrochloric gas.
  • When we use chlorine we must wear the right protective equipment for our safety, the use of gloves, mouth cap, and safety lens is necessary although we are only doing a quick cleaning.
  • We should not use chlorine in closed places or with little ventilation, this is of the utmost importance since chlorine gases are harmful to our health.
  • Chlorine in any of its presentations should not be ingested so it is recommended to take extreme measures for storage at home. It should be avoided to be available to children or pets. So, it is recommended to store it in safe places.

I hope this little guide has been able to help you when cleaning your home spaces if you have any questions when using chlorine in your home or just want to leave us your opinion do not hesitate to contact us at Elaine’s Cleaning Solutions.